Each year the PTO puts together a year full of fun activities for CMES students and their families. These events are 100 percent planned and staffed by YOU—our volunteers. Many of our volunteering opportunities require an hour or less of your time. So, whether you have one hour or many, all your help is time well spent!

To volunteer with CMES, the Anne Arundel County Board of Education has several requirements prior to volunteering in the school system—including a background check, and watching and signing off on a training video. Click here to view those requirements and start the background check process.  Click here to reach the training video and sign-off sheet. 

For current volunteer opportunities, check out our Events section.

The CMES PTO Board is made up of elected and appointed volunteer positions.

President: Mandy Conner

Elected May 2019

The president is an administrative lead for the PTO Board and members. This position partners closely with CMES administration to deliver the mission of the PTO.

Secretary: Kyria Brown

Elected May 2018

The secretary attends all PTO meetings, and takes detailed notes to create minutes. This position also keeps an up-to-date calendar of our PTO happenings.

Treasurer: Rhiannon Corley

Elected May 2018

The treasurer keep records of all the money that comes into and gets paid out by the PTO. This position  ensures that the PTO stay within the budget that is approve in June, as well as providing a report on the final inflow and outflow at the end of our fiscal year. 

Vice President, Fundraising: Meg Crowe

Elected May 2018

The fundraising positions assists in building relationships within the community. These relationships are partnerships that provide support through fundraising events, monetary support, donations, and more. This position assists in some of our biggest events such as the Apex Fun Run, holiday shop, Skate Zone, and Chick-fil-A spirit nights.

Vice President, Membership: Nicole Clements

Elected May 2019

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for gaining new members, managing member information and payment, working closely with the guidance counselor to manage volunteers, solicit volunteers for PTO events/activities, communicate to volunteers and members about important issues, and create the PTO Board Directory.

Communications Committee: Kim Lake, Chair

Appointed August 2019

The communications committee helps convey important messages to CMES parents through various vehicles including the Weekly Wrap Up, Facebook, CMES PTO website, and fliers. This position partners closely with the president and other committees to develop messages and imagery that share the PTO activities and promote our mission.

Cultural Arts Committee: Colleen Pitts, Chair

Appointed August 2019

The Cultural Arts Committee researches, schedules and oversees all PTO cultural arts assemblies for CMES students. An example of a cultural arts event would be having an artist come in to teach about their culture, share a dance or song performance, and the students also learn how to perform it as well. This position finds resources and grants to supplement the annual committee budget, as well as provides materials to instructors related to cultural arts instruction.

Exceptional Education Committee: Iana Capers, Chair

Appointed August 2019
Exceptional Education partners with school leadership and teachers to bring students unique learning opportunities such as career day. This is a fun job with many elements—teacher partnership, volunteer support, event planning and all its details, organizing, and more. This committee also has the ability to change and customize their offerings from year-to-year.

Hospitality Committee: Pam Iddings, Chair

Appointed August 2019

The Hospitality Committee gets the pleasure of showing appreciation to our teachers and CMES staff by enlisting parents to provide snacks for professional development days. The committee also organizes special treats for holidays and special life events. This committee may shop for food and set-up and clean up from events.

Playground Committee: Vacant

The Playground Committee ensures that each grade has fun outside activities for recess time—this can include balls, chalk and jump ropes. In the past, this position has helped with the purchase of fixed equipment.

School Spirit Committee: Vacant

This committee organizes school spirit wear sales in the fall and spring semesters—including working with vendors, merchandise look and sales. This committee also promotes spirit week throughout the school year.

Social Committee: Nneka Kalu, Chair

Appointed August 2019

Social Committee coordinates family fun events throughout the year. This includes planning of the event, coordinating details with the school/building facilities, staffing, promoting, set-up, and clean-up.