The CMES PTO is an organization made up of parents, teachers and staff members. Our purpose is to collaborate as parents and faculty to enrich the educational and social environment at Crofton Meadows Elementary School.

5 Reasons to JOIN the CMES PTO:

1. Your child benefits! Research continues to show that children whose parents are involved in their school get better grades, do better on tests and have fewer discipline problems.

2. We make a difference! Our mission is to enrich the educational and social environment at CMES.

3. Be a role model! You are your child’s most important role model. Showing your child you value their education will teach them to also value it.

4. There is a lot of be done! Schools are asked to do more with less. Our help is needed to fill these gaps. You can choose opportunities that match your likes and availability.

5.  We have fun! Many hands make light work, and we are always looking for volunteers! Whether you can give a lot of time or a little, we appreciate the support.


Fall picnic, teacher development days, fun run,
5th grade kickball game, holiday shop, etc.


Parents, Teachers & Staff members

CMES PTO funds student assemblies, classroom technology, outdoor equipment, etc. that the school cannot otherwise provide.

If you need assistance with membership dues, please contact our CMES Principal, Mrs. Shafran. Renew by October 1 to ensure no interruption in communication!

Questions? Please reach out to Nicole Clements, Vice President of Membership and Volunteers, CMES PTO at


Join the Crofton Meadows
Elementary School PTO TODAY!!


Instructions for logging in to renew membership

If you are a returning member and just trying to renew your membership you will need to follow the directions in the PDF in the following link.  It should open in a new tab if you have not prevented that on your computer.

How to Login to AtoZ connect to Purchase your membership