Meetings and Minutes

The PTO Board meets monthly. These meetings are open for anyone to attend. Each meeting is guided by an agenda.

The full PTO membership meets twice a year—first meeting in the fall and then again in the spring. In addition, there are also elections held in May.

All meeting dates are posted in the Events section, the Weekly Wrap Up, and on our CMES PTO Facebook page.

Budget & Budget Forms

The budget is reviewed and approved annually. Click here to view our current PTO budget.

Spending Requests: There is no single way to make a spending request. Below is an Event Cost Model template that could be used for something like a picnic or back to school fundraiser. It could also be used to buy supplies for a classroom, a specific activity or the entire school (just put ticket sales at zero). There is also a PDF that’s an example spending request for a large ticket item. But the spending request could just as easily be an email, so long as it contains sufficient detail for the PTO board to review.



Spending Request Example

PLEASE, ALWAYS seek approval PRIOR  to spending money. That is the only way to ensure that the PTO will reimburse you. The PTO reserves the right to decline any spending request if it does not fall within the current budget, bylaws, and/or spending priorities.